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When it comes to trust and quality, our customers speak for us. Find out why these leading companies have chosen to work with us.

adarsa_ce-1 GRUPO ADARSA

“The saving of time is brutal. In my schedule I now need 10 minutes a day to consult reports and before I needed one day a week.”

 Raúl Lago, General Director of Grupo Adarsa.

camarena_ce-1 GRUPO CAMARENA

“The fact that they know the industry and how the indicators are measured is a great added value for those who use them.”

Gustavo Camarena, General Director of Grupo Camarena.


“ It was the first Business Intelligence that added value to me... it was the first BI that I understood, that I liked, that it was easy to use and that it began to give me the information that I was looking for.”

 Luis Rivero, General Director of Francomotors.

grupoalonso_ce-1 GRUPO ALONSO

“The support is incredible, it is direct, immediate, also 100% recommendable and we are delighted to work with everything related to Simetrical.”

 Victorino Millán, General Director of Grupo Alonso.


“The value that SimAnalytics adds is the way in which we analyze that information… how you see a trend, how you can share it, how visually through colors, graphics, through these things it is much easier to understand and analyze the information .”

 Laura González, After-Sales Area Manager of Ford Motor Colombia.

grupoheredia_ce-1 GRUPO HEREDIA

"They generate the trends of the month to see our closings both for vehicle sales, as well as for the sale of services and spare parts... that allows us operators to speed up the pace or be sure of meeting business objectives."

 Daniel Heredia, CEO of Grupo Heredia.

gkasa_ce-1 GRUPO KASA

“Simetrical allows to have a symbiosis between the data and the operation.”

Eduardo Sverdlin, Director of Engineering at Grupo Kaza.

grupom_ce-1 GRUPO M

“I love the monthly counseling. It has been a whole process of thinking outside the box, because with all the experience they have in the automotive industry they push us to keep improving and keep raising the rates and KPI's.”

Guadalupe Martínez, General Director of Grupo M.

nissannoale_ce-1 NOALE

"The management screen view helps me a lot to submit reports, for a general manager, for a president of the company, that helps me a lot because I don't have to add numbers and put them together in Excel."

Maximiliano Galante, Noale After Sales Manager.



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